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June, 9 2016

Psychology in Shipping: EQ Training and Ship Manning & Safety June 9th Thursday at Posidonia Seminar
Room 2B 17:00–19:00 By I.M.E.Q Innovative Martime EQ Center


Section I: EQ Training
i. What is EQ .
ii. How can it be Applied in an Organization and how we can Benefit from EQ .
iii. Cost Saving & Statisitical Data .
iv. Organizational EQ Training Workshops.
v. Leadership & Team Building for Managers. vi. Communication & Negotiations in Broking – EQ Concept.

Section II: Recruitment Procedures: One Step Ahead
i. Mental Health of Seafers.
ii. Incidents of Psychological Distress Factors: Alcoholism, Abuse, Criminal Behaviors & Suicide.
iii. IMO, ILO Regulations, Codes & Amendments on Crew Safety & PMH 2016-Upcoming Standards for Seafers.
iv. Psychological Assessment of Crew: Liabilities, Risk Management & Cost Effectiveness.

Section III:
Questions / Answers

Posidonia Conference: Events
Posidonia Conference: Gallery
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