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Mastering the Art of Conflict Resolution Part 2

This is a follow up blog post that is designed to help you further resolve any conflicts that you encounter with your colleagues at sea or with your loved ones at home. Please note that it is hard to give very specific advice for each conflict, so I have accumulated what works best in business environments and romantic relationships. This follow up involves you having read the first article of the series and to have successfully managed to avoid engaging with others whilst emotionally activated.


Have you even encountered an individual that you get along well but unfortunately your combined ability to problem solve is almost nonexistent leading to conflicts? In that case you most probably are not listening to what the other person has to say and vice versa leaving you frustrated and having wasted your time and your colleague’s. You are going in circles again and again and before the other person finishes their sentence or you your colleague has the answer ready. This is very commonly encountered in work environments and causes difficulties in human interaction. If that is a case lets Tango!


To tackle this difficulty first find something to use as a totem. A small object like a lighter. If you have done this toss a coin to see who will start first. The person who starts needs to clearly define the problem. Only the person who has the totem can speak, the other person needs to do anything in their power to not interrupt and listen. Remember you will get your turn. After the person A has finished, they need to pass the totem to the other individual. Make sure that each turn does not last more than 2 minutes as the human brain struggles to manage more information than that. Then the person B must make a small summary as an acknowledgement of person A before their two minutes can start. The person B needs to add something to the conversation in terms of problem solving and explain their point of view. Once finished the totem is given back to person A and similarly as before the Person A must produce a small summary of Person B’s point of view before moving forwards and get their two minutes and explain their point of view. Play this game until the subject or problem has reached some form of a resolution.


My advice is to not go over 30 minutes in total because this might mean that you are not focusing on the problem and its solution. It is a simple game with many applications, and it will help you enhance collaboration and ensure a better relationship with the individuals that matter to you being at work or in personal life.


I am always eager to hear more, and it would be nice next time for you guys to tell me more about any other topics that you would like me to cover at IMEQ’s blog. In the meantime, I want to wish safe travels.

Author: Dr. Panagiotis Karagiannis



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