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IMEQ Magazine is an international source of information aiming to guide and promote wellness at sea. 

We have created a network of mental health professionals who care to contribute to the education of seafarers regarding mental health


IMEQ Magazine is a joint project with the UK P&I Club

“The UK P&I Club is a leading provider of P&I insurance and other services to the international shipping community.

Established in 1869 the UK P&I Club insures around 240 million tonnes of owned and chartered shipping through its international offices and claims network. ‘A (stable) rated by Standard & Poor’s.

The UK P&I Club is renowned for its specialist skills and expertise which ensure ‘best in class’ underwriting, claims handling and loss prevention services.

The UK P&I Club is managed by Thomas Miller, an independent and international insurance, professional and investment services provider.”


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The world will not be the same in the post  Covid-19 period  as we return to our daily life as  we knew it before the pandemic.  The  direct experience of the pandemic, the lockdown, the social isolation and the disruption of our daily lives,   has forevermore   altere...

Dealing  with Lockdown at Sea

Author:  Penelope Robotis 

Clinical – Occupational Psychologist 

The sudden onset of the Covid 19 and the unprecedented  impact on our lives whether  we are on a lockdown at home,  stranded  at sea; working in the first line; o...

March 26, 2020


COVID-19 is transmitted from human-to-human. Droplets from a diseased person e.g. from coughing and sneezing, landing on objects and surface around the person. Other people catch the virus by touching the objects and the surfaces and then touch their eyes/n...

October 29, 2019

Cyberbullying & Seafaring

Communication technology has given rise to online networking and social media,  making it easier for people to connect with family, friends and even strangers from around the world.  Regretfully, it has also given rise to a new type of bullying...

Resiliency  has been recognized as an important constuct   to understanding   why some people can go through adverse events and bounce back , while others suffer debilitating effects including the onset of post traumatic stress disorder.  According to the  experts in t...